The Spectral company, founded in 1994 by the three brothers in their father’s garage, is today one of the first companies in the television furniture market with an integrated solution. The success of the German company is based on the intelligent finishing of innovative products.

Disconnected cables, isolated speakers and various remote controls scattered throughout the living room are now obsolete, thanks to Spectral the tangled cables disappear, the speakers are perfectly integrated into the elegant wardrobe and there is only one remote control. All of Spectral’s new audio systems are equipped with a learning function by ipote. Thus the sound system can be controlled simply by the usual TV remote control.




SPECTRAL’s revolutionary AIR system, an element that, in addition to being beautiful to the eye, is a union of ideas, technology and aesthetics. For the first time, a multimedia piece of furniture takes up the aesthetic lightness and design of modern wall-mounted televisions, embellishing it with a LED backlit system. Soft lights with a great atmosphere, by adjusting intensity and light gradations, all of which can be stored via smartphone application
Technology on the airboard: a minimum thickness steel element that performs an infinite number of functions. An ingenious substructure allows a strong anchoring to the wall and a very valid cable passage that will be well hidden. Thanks to the cable board, the cables pass vertically through the various modules, to the airboard and to the TV, remaining well hidden, not disturbing the aesthetics and elegance.